Where are you located?

We are about an hour outside of Boston, Massachusetts in a small New Hampshire city.

Do you pay for travel?

Yes. We provide airfare from your local airport to Boston's Logan International Airport, your hotel accomodations for the entirety of your visit, a coach bus ticket from the airport to the our city and travel money for a ride from the bus terminal to the hotel via Uber or Lyft. After the shoot, we provide transportation back to the bus terminal for your return trip to the airport, which is also covered. If you live local to the Boston area and will be driving to the shoot, we increase your fee to easily cover gas and tolls.

What about the autographs?

The way Signature Models makes money is through the sale of autographs. On the morning of your final day with us, you return to the studio and sign a large stack of prints made from your shoot images. Some of the autographs will include personal dedications as we allow your fans to purchase items before you arrive.

What is my intinerary?

A typical shoot has the model travelling to our location the day before the shoot. With time changes and distance, this can sometimes take an entire day. On the day after arrival, we pick you up at your hotel at around 8:20 AM. Hair and makeup will begin immediately. Most shoots finish by early afternoon. The day after the shoot is a day off. We edit during this time. Some models go to Boston via the train, which is inexpensive and close to the hotel. Other models arrange shoots with local photographs. Most models relax in the hotel or explore the local city. On the final day, the model returns to the studio to sign autographs. This typically starts around 9:30 AM and lasts for several hours. We provide lunch. After the signing, we take you back to the bus terminal. So, with travelling, the shoot takes 4 days.

Is hair and makeup provided?

Yes, we have a stylist on hand for your shoot. For the autograph signing day, we do not provide a stylist and you will have to do your own hair and makeup. However, the pictures we take are just candids and are used as proof of signing.

Is wardrobe provided?

Yes. We have everything on hand that will be needed including shoes.

Are you guys really that awesome?

Really, yes, we are. Seriously, though, most girls leave us wanting to come back as soon as possible. We just try to be fun and provide you with awesome quality images from your time with us. If you like to laugh while doing what you love to do, your time with Signature Models will be one to remember.

Do you shoot girls more than one time?

Yes, we do. All the girls pictured on this website have shot with us at least three times.

What is the setting for the shoot?

Our studio is located in an old brick mill building that was built in the 1800s. Our suite contains three separate rooms for shooting, all with multiple background and flooring options. Because our building is enormous, we will also travel to other unique areas as occupancy and weather permit - meaning areas where there are no other humans and the temperature is acceptable.

How do I get paid?

We pay for all travel up front and send you the confirmations/tickets. Your fee is paid via company check on the final day you are here.

How can I used the images I get from the shoot?

The images we provide are in moderately high resolution. They can be used for promotional purposes only. This includes, but is not limited to, posting on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Use on a personal website is also allowed as long as the digital files are not sold. You cannot sell the digital files on sites like Patreon or BentBox.

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